NABI, the new ANGELIKA’s ambitious project

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ANGELIKA (ANGELIKA YUTT), the singer and vocal producer with the support of GlobalsounD PRODUCTIUON, is preparing the first release of the ambitious project “NABI: the diamond’s birth”. Exclusively at Beatport, since September 30!
NABI - We'll Never Be Apart (original mix) [GlobalsounD PC]. Release Date: 2013, September 30.


NABI is young talented singer. Her first independent works give an idea of the extraordinary vocal artist and lead us to believe in the creative potential of further growth.
NABI project is created and maintained by a famous singer and vocal trainer Angelika (ANGELIKA YUTT), whose music in recent years has been loved by listeners around the world.

Commercially verified NABI’s vocal, marvelous material and professional lyrics will surely find its fans in different countries. Learn more about NABI on the singer’s personal pages in  Facebook, Myspace, Вконтакте, Google +, SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter.